Jordans are harder to buy in 2018 “Air Jordans Are Going To Be Harder To Buy” in 2018

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Air Jordans Are Going To Be Harder To Buy Next Year

When I first began reselling sneakers in 2014, there were immense profits to be had because sneakers were hard to get, and less people were trying to resell. A new Retro Jordan would release at least once a month with resale potential around $100 per pair. In that year, no Retro Jordan with buzz around it ever resold for less than $50 above retail, and never did a pair sell for under retail. These were the good days! Many think the good days are gone, but now it seems that they may be coming back.

This bullish trend for Air Jordans that was present and rising ever since Jordan’s hit the internet in the early 2000’s slowed down as Adidas entered the scene in a big way in 2016, and ever since, with a new array of streetwear brands with fresh audiences entering the scene and more people trying to resell anything that hit the market, we saw for the very first time in 2017 Air Jordans sitting on shelves and reselling for under retail mere weeks after the release.


2017 saw a disappointing year with many questioning the value of shoes as an investment or short term flip. However, for all markets, Q4 is always big, and sure enough this last quarter leading up to 2018 did not disappoint, with months like December proving that reselling streetwear is still quite lucrative.

As the Sneaker News article at the top of this post states, the Nike brand is coming back for the throne. With new financial goals in sight, Jordans will again become exclusive and harder to get. Because of this, expect to see an increase in aftermarket prices.

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Here are two excellent opportunities to look forward to this year from the Nike Jordan brand:

  • Air Jordan 3 Retro OG “Black Cement” (854262-001 Black/Cement Grey/White-Fire Red)
    Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement courtesy

    These are set to release Feb 17 2018


  • Air Jordan 11 Retro OG “Concord” (White/Black-Dark Concord)

    jordan og concord 2018 where to buy
    The Air Jordan OG Concord. 2018 version may look slightly different. Source:

These are set to make an appearance in December 2018 with a more specific day being announced later this year.


Here are a few more options from one of the hottest collaborations of the year, Nike and Off-White:

  • Nike x Off White Air Jordan 1

This is a hot release this year, coming out in two different colors. All are worth getting and each have release dates starting in January and going up until June.

It’s rare that 2 colors and thus 2 opportunities happen with the Jordan brand, so it’s true that this year is ripe with opportunity especially because each pair is worth over $1000 on the resale aftermarket with a retail price of below $200 for a nice profit.

  • Nike x Off White Air Jordan 1 “UNC”

    Air Jordan 1 "UNC Off-White" 2018
    Air Jordan 1 “UNC Off-White” 2018 from @py_rates on Instagram
  • Nike x Off White Air Jordan 1 “White”
The Nike Air Jordan 1 Off-White 2018 in White by Virgil Abloh. Via

The combination of Nike and Off-White wins absolutely every time, so if you’re new to reselling shoes in 2018 and you’re not sure which shoes have a consistent market or which shoes will make you a profit, make note that this collaboration by designer Virgil Abloh is always a home run and will certainly result in profit, sometimes of $1000 or more per pair.

When bought and sold using the correct timing methods taught in the guide, you can look forward to making a profit of about $100 per pair of shoes you can acquire during each release. Experts often expect to acquire 3 pairs per release.

If you’ve been on the fence of whether or not to resell sneakers, now is a good time to jump on board and learn how using the new Hypemaster Playbook. For those who have already purchased the guide, give it another visit as it’s quite long and dense with information that needs multiple reads to really sink in. Continue to do research and set goals and sure enough, you will be one step closer to being a sneaker plug!

Get in on insider sneaker info, starting with a FREE Preview of the 5 part Hypemaster Playbook!


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