Sneakerhead Economics: Shoes as an Investment

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*Important note: Although the statistics are real, this article is not meant to be taken as direct investment advice! Always act on your own decisions and consult authorities when investing any sum of money*

This Ted Talk by Josh Luber, the creator of Campless (now called StockX) brings up an interesting proposal of sneakers as an investment.

Historically, the stock market returns 9% yearly. For those who want to see these kind of historically safe and reliable numbers as a return on their hard earned money, stashing your money away in something like a Vanguard index fund is an attractive opportunity.

However, this is a boring grandpa version of investing.

For newer generations like millenials and the upcoming Gen Z’s, a combination of a lack of trust in investments heavily based on national economical performance in addition to a want for control and transparency over investment vehicles is causing these groups to look for alternatives.

With the entrepreneurial movement in full swing right now, many young people are being told that the best investment is in themselves. This is the kind of investment that you can control and that can pay out in dividends much greater than the historic 9% per year.

To start a business is the ultimate self investment for many of those who want to take the wheel of their financial future. However, not only is plenty of risk is involved in such ventures, a multitude of paths with unclear directions makes it hard to know where to start or when to stop and pivot into other ventures.

A lot of risky or boring opportunities exist, but there’s one that seems to check all boxes as the ultimate investment opportunity for young people today. Imagine that you can consume the goods that you want to and get paid doing it. That sounds awesome doesn’t it!

Well it can be done with investments in sneakers.

To see a return of 50% or even 100% on money invested in sneakers or streetwear is not only common, it’s often the norm for those participating in this fun game.

As stated in this article by streetwear news authority Complex, you could would have gotten a better 4 year return having bought a single pair of Jordan 3 Black Cements than if you had purchased stock in one of the best performing companies on the market, Apple, and more than double that of the same return of the S&P 500, which as a representative of the performance of the top 500 performing American companies is a good indicator of the overall economy.

Air Jordan 3 black cement inveestment
Who knew a single shoe could beat the return of the America’s top 500 companies


Ultimately, a good bit of knowledge will come in to play for those who want to use sneakers and streetwear as an investment vehicle.

One awesome thing to note is that at the time of this writing in January of 2018, there exists another opportunity this year to acquire this exact pair of shoes in this example, the Air Jordan III Black Cement, with an expected return in as soon as one day that is sure to beat the yearly return of the stock market in 2018.

This is just one of many shoes this year in 2018 that can promise immediate returns that will beat the historic stock market yearly returns of an average of about 10%.

For those who love the potentially pricey hobby of streetwear, strategic purchases as an investment is absolutely worth it, and the best part is that now you can shove the statistics that prove it in the face of any haters! 😛


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