Forbes estimates the sneaker resale marketplace to be over $1Billion per year..

There’s no reason why you should wait before you act on this opportunity to make money selling shoes now.

Notable shoe reseller Benjamin Kickz, 16 years old with a $1,000,000 annual business at the time of this photo
This super hot, underground aftermarket is driven entirely by self educated individuals…many of whom are teenagers

As you can see above, reselling sneakers is probably the funnest and coolest way to make tons of money…ever.

When I first began, I was selling everything from toys to hoverboards, not knowing where to put my focus and energy…

That is, until I discovered this pair of shoes that made $500 per pair:

The shoe that started it all for me

And then I discovered that some people were getting as many as 5 pairs of shoes like the ones pictured above in  one weekend, for a profit of over $2500!

Just 1 month later, I had my first $13,000 month:

And that was only the beginning!

There’s no wonder then that there are many five and six figure sellers everywhere in the shoe world.

Here’s an infographic by Campless (now StockX) listing the top individual sneaker sellers on eBay:

The top two sellers did about $2-3million dollars annually in selling shoes.
…Many sellers are teenagers and college kids who started not too long ago.

A few notable resellers who use channels other in addition to eBay to sell their shoes include Benjamin Kickz  and Allen Kuo .

Benjamin Kickz on CNBC...Money Talks!!
 Allen Kuo pictured below standing in front of nearly $200,000 worth of sneakers. 

Kuo won a bet with his parents that he’d have $100K in his bank account in 1 year from reselling shoes, so he could drop out of college (which he, like many people, totally hated)…and although they laughed at him at first, he hit his goal in less than 1 year and began selling sneakers full time, making six figures doing so.

You don’t even need to make $100,000 like Allen Kuo above (although it’s totally possible), you can start a side business today and make an extra $500-$2000 every month, which is more than enough for a car payment, student loan, credit card bill, or even your rent or mortgage…

Serena williams off white august 2018 resale values ebay
These Nikes released in 2018 for $190, with a profit of over $1,000 per pair.
What if I told you, that armed with the correct knowledge, of the Hypemaster Playbook, you will be on your way to selling your first pair of desirable shoes this weekend, and make between $50-200 on your first sale alone…  And from there you can easily scale to $10,000 a month or more!

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Readers of the guide are getting multiple pairs of shoes and report starting sneaker businesses and scaling them to a significant source of income.

Here is an example of an opportunity that happened earlier this year–with many more to come– that readers of the Hypemaster Playbook acted upon:
These Chuck Taylors had a retail price of $130 and resold at over $1,500 consistently for weeks, and still currently sell for 6x the retail price.
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